Glenwood is an award winning community located in the Centerville District of Virginia Beach. The Association has a beautiful community pool and clubhouse, along with three playground areas, and approximately 40 acres of common area. With Honeybee Golf Course winding through parts of the community, and four lakes in other sections, many homes enjoy scenic views.

In addition to our single family homes, we also have the Glenwood Greens townhomes and The Woodbridge at Glenwood and Villas of Glenwood Condominiums as part of our community.

Please feel free to browse our site for community information and upcoming events.

Please note that, due to COVID restrictions, the Annual Meeting has been postponed to April 15th.

The following revision to the Covenants Procedures is being reviewed and is pending adoption by the Board. Comments and question may be submitted at the Annual Meeting.

I. TITLE. The following procedures shall be referred to herein as the GLENWOOD COVENANTS ENFORCEMENT RULES.

A. Composition and Appointment. The Covenants Committee members serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and shall be appointed by the Board accordingly. The Covenants Committee shall be composed of a minimum of (3) Owner members. The covenants Committee members shall not also be officers or directors of the Association. One of the Covenants Committee members shall be designated by the Board of Directors as the chairperson.
. Removal, Resignation and Vacancy. The Board of Directors shall have the power to remove any Covenants Committee member, for any reason, at any regular or special Board of Directors meeting. Should a vacancy on  the Committee occur for any reason, whether removal or resignation, the Board shall fill the vacant position as soon thereafter as may be practicable
C. Duties Meetings and Compensation. The members of the Covenants Committee shall serve without compensation; provided, however, that actual and reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of Committee business shall be reimbursed by the Association. The Covenants Committee shall meet from time to time as may be necessary to perform its duties under these Committee meetings and hearings shall be conducted at a time and place set by the chairperson, but in no event shall any hearing be conducted in a private residence. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of Covenants Committee business and the concurrence of a majority of those present is required for all Committee actions.
Rules. The Committee may make and amend such supplemental rules of procedure not inconsistent herewith as may be beneficial to the fair and orderly conduct of meetings and hearings.
Liability. Neither the Covenants Committee nor any members thereof, or his or her successors, shall be liable to the Association, the Board, the Owners or the Association Manager, or to any other party, for any damage, loss or injury of any sort whatsoever claimed to have been caused by any act or omission of the Committee or a member thereof in connection with the necessary and proper discharge of Committee functions under these rules, as am, where such act or omission was taken in good faith under color of legitimate authority, and was reasonably believed to be in or not be opposed to the best interests of the Association.

A. Requests for Voluntary Compliance. In the event the Covenants Committee is notified of an alleged violation of Association rules and regulations, the Committee may instruct that a first notice be sent to the Owner(s), requesting voluntarily compliance. Said notice shall provide the Owner(s) with a reasonable amount of time, as determined solely by the Committee to correct the violation. The Committee shall have the authority to provide an extension to correct the violation if good cause is
B. Due Process Hearings. If the alleged violation(s) remain uncorrected upon the expiration of the time prescribed in the first notice, or any extension granted thereto, the Committee shall provide the Owner(s) with written Notice of Hearing, which shall specify the date, time and place of the hearing. At such hearing, the Owner(s) shall have the right to be heard and to be represented by counsel. The Committee Chairperson shall preside at the hearing unless he or she appoints another Committee member to do so. Upon commencement of the hearing, the Committee shall announce the alleged violation to the Owner(s). The Owner(s) shall then be given the opportunity to present evidence, testimony, and argument for consideration by the Committee. The Committee may ask questions of the Owner(s), and may present direct or rebuttal evidence to the Owner(s) as deemed necessary. However, discussion regarding the Committee’s decision shall be done after the conclusion of the hearing.
C. Hearing Results. After consideration of all the evidence, the Covenants Committee shall render an impartial decision, the results of which shall be sent to the Owner(s) within seven (7) days of the hearing in accordance with the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act.
D. Appeals to the Board of Directors. Upon receipt of the hearing results, the Owner(s) may appeal the Committee’s decision to the Board of Directors within ten (10) business days. After the ten (10) business days have passed, the original decision of the Covenants Committee shall be deemed final unless good cause can be shown, as determined by the Board of Directors. The Owner(s) shall submit a written request for an appeal to the Association’s Management office, and said appeal will be heard by the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting, so long as said meeting falls at least seven (7) calendar days from the date the written request for appeal is stamped received by the association manager, If the written request for appeal is submitted within seven (7) calendar days from the next scheduled Board meeting, the appeal shall be heard at the meeting immediately following.
E. Final Decisions. The Board of Directors shall render its final decision at the meeting and may consider any evidence deemed necessary to render said decision. Any discussions shall occur in executive session; however, the final decision shall be made in open session. Decisions rendered by the Board of Directors require the concurrence of a majority of the directors present at the meeting and shall be deemed final. A final decision letter shall be sent to the appealing Owner(s) within a reasonable amount of time following the meeting.
IV. NON-EXCLUSIVE REMEDY. The aforementioned procedures shall be non-exclusive, and the Board of Directors may take any additional, simultaneous action as deemed necessary to protect the interest of the Association. Further, nothing herein shall preclude the Board of Directors from immediately resorting to judicial or non-judicial relief.

We are pleased to announce that Glenwood has a new Community Inspector.  Christine Hyatt began working with us on Monday, February 8th.  She has already begun inspecting homes in the association.  Please be sure to put your trash cans out of view and that your holiday decorations are removed.  Should your home be in need of cleaning or painting, you will be notified to take care of the matters as weather permits. Also, please be sure to obtain approval in advance for any modifications to your property.