Welcome to Glenwood Community Association!

2097 Round Hill Drive
Virginia Beach, VA  23464



Glenwood is an award winning community located in the Centerville area of Virginia Beach. The Association has a beautiful community pool and clubhouse, along with three playground areas, and approximately 40 acres of common area. With Honeybee Golf Course winding through parts of the community, and four lakes in other sections, many homes enjoy scenic views.

In addition to our single family homes, we also have the Glenwood Greens townhomes and Woodbridge at Glenwood and Villas of Glenwood Condominiums as part of our community.

Please feel free to browse our site for community information and upcoming events. To access locked items, you will need to register with the Association. 



The new date is August 17th

Still from 7-9:30

The deadline for registration is Noon on August 2nd. 



The pool is open every day from 11 AM until 8 PM.

The Association has moved to a digital pool pass system.  Residents will need to register with Cell Badge to sign your family up and create your digital passes.  Here is the link to sign up:

Digital Pool Pass Registration

Everyone over the age of 2 will still need to have the new pass (old passes will no longer be valid).  You must upload your own photos into the digital pass - they need to be single person head shots  Once you register, each time that you have to go back into your account, you will need to request a pin and once received, you will use the pin to access the information. Please note that if you are renting the home, then your passes will expire every December 31.  Tenants will need to update the office with lease extensions or a new lease. 

For household members over 18, we need to have proof of address for the passes, such as a driver's license or a bill. If you are renting, we will also need proof of address, such as your lease. If you renewed your lease, we will need to have verification of the renewal, as noted above. We appreciate you working with us to help get you your passes.

When you are completing your registration, and are ready to upload your photos, please use single person headshots only! We actually had someone post a picture of a dog in a shirt as their photo.

When you go to the pool, you will provide your last name, and the guards will check you in.  When leaving, you do the same, and the guards will check you out.

Guest passes—For those who have carried over guest passes from 2022, AFTER you obtain your digital pass, you will need to bring the punch card to the office to credit your account.  The guest passes will also be digital.  You may purchase up to 20 guest passes at a time ($2 each), and then those passes will be loaded onto your account. You must come to the office to purchase the guest passes.

This is still a new system that will take everyone a little bit of time to get used to, but there will be no more lost pool passes, and you will not need to get passes from the office.

Should you have issues with registering your household, please contact the office.


The Board of Directors would like to extend a special Thank You to the previous Rec Committee.  Over the many years that they volunteered, the Committee worked hard to bring events to the community. Most of the time, this was done with very little thanks.  Several of you have gotten to know other community members because of their efforts, and have always looked forward to each event. If you see Mary, Ann, Charlene, Shelly, or Susan, please tell them thank you for the fun times.

Leash Law Reminders

Please keep this in mind when walking your furbabies around the property. 

Sec. 5-531. - Keeping dogs under restraint; leash law.
It shall be unlawful for the owner or custodian of any dog to permit the dog to go upon any city park, public street, sidewalk or right-of-way, excluding the public beaches of the city, unless it is kept firmly secured by a physical leash or lead attached to a collar or harness and under the control of a responsible person capable of physically restraining the dog.

Any person who does not restrain his dog, in accordance with this section, whether such person be the owner or custodian of such dog, shall be guilty of a class 4 misdemeanor. The animal control officer or law enforcement officer may issue a summons to any person he finds in violation of this section.

Additionally - you need to clean up after your four legged friends.

Sec. 5-534. - Allowing dogs or horses to urinate or defecate on public or private property.

Allow his/her dog or horse to urinate or defecate on the private property of other persons without their consent or that of the authorized agent of the one having control of the premises.

Allow his/her dog or horse to defecate on public property, except that defecation by a dog or horse on public property shall not constitute a violation of this section if the owner or person in immediate control of the dog or horse immediately removes the material defected and disposes of it in a safe and sanitary manner.


The Spring issue of the Caddy is online and has been emailed to those who have registered on our website.  If you would like to have a copy mailed to you, and have not already been placed on the mail list, please contact the office.


There have recently been a lot of additions and changes to properties in the community.  The Glenwood Community Association Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements requires homeowners to obtain PRIOR approval from the Architectural Control Committee before undertaking improvements, alterations, repairs, change of paint colors, excavations or any other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of any property within the Association. One of the items that has been noted is a change in fences.  No fence, other than a one or 3 board dog eared fence is approved within the Association.  The ones with a top cap or a fascia board are not approved.


Payment of the 2024 Assessments may be made on line at Truist Bank.  Please follow the link under Resident Info/Assessments.  Please refer to your coupon book for the necessary steps.  Please note that payments on line through Truist will take up to 4 Business days to be processed.


The Community Room is available for rental to Glenwood Homeowners.  Please register on this site and review the information on the Community Center Rental page.